Friday, May 6, 2011

Who we are

Tuckahoe Brewing Company was established in January of 2011 by four friends who had been brewing beer for fun for several years.  We were brewing five and ten gallon batches while we barbequed and enjoyed drinking beer with family and friends.  Going to the next level and brewing commercially was a thought that was always in the back of each our minds, but after we heard enough of our friends say the same thing, we decided to take the idea seriously.  We've rented a building in Dennis Township in the northern part of Cape May County, our applications with the state and federal governments are pending, and we hope to be licensed and fully operational by November of 2011.
We expect to begin with four recipes, a Belgian Wit, an English Style Porter, a Pale Ale, and a traditional ale or pilsner that will be brewed using only agricultural products grown in New Jersey.  Cape May County is a beautiful place, and brewing a beer that captures that beauty in both its ingredients and the finished product is one of our goals.  We want to provide the people of Cape May County beers that will always remind them of home.
There is an untapped market in our area, beer lovers who are waiting to see more and more quality beers that are brewed in this part of New Jersey and are available commercially.  Please look for our beers on tap in bars and restaurants around Cape May County, and bottled for take home as well.  Also, please stop by and see us this fall at 369 Woodbine-Oceanview Road in Dennis Township.


  1. Hi,

    I write about New Jersey breweries at Beer-Stained Letter. Would love to talk to you about your project. If you're open to the idea, please drop me a note at


  2. Good work boys. About time somebody represented Jersey in a more favorable light than Snookie and the Situation. Let me know when you're ready for west coast marketing/distribution. Hep Hep.

  3. I'm trying to get in touch with you guys about the recent public notice about an ABC license. If you can, please drop me an email at