Friday, June 3, 2011

Update from Tuckahoe Brewing Company

After a very positive and productive meeting with our accountant, our business plan is in order and complete.  We are pushing through with paper work with both the State and the Feds, and we are exploring several options with financing.  After a little snafu with the first site we are in the process of signing a new lease at a new location in Dennis Township.  Very similar to the first site, about 1,100 sq ft.  We will be ready to take occupancy in August.  We will be brewing this Saturday, working on a new batch of our Pale Ale.  Feedback from the last batch was very positive but we are still tweaking the recipe.  Logo design, website, and equipment orders are right around the corner so stay tuned and stay thirsty.  Good luck and stay in touch.

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