Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We recently ordered a 3 bbl brewing system from Psycho Brew LLC out of Michigan. They were able to find a manufacturer of 8 bbl capacity fermenters for us. We ordered 2 which will enable us to make double batches, turning our 3 bbl system into 6 bbl system. To support this quantity of beer and size of fermenter, we ordered a 2 hp chiller from Pro Refrigeration out of Washington that will regulate the temperature of our fermenting beer. We also ordered a keg washer/filler from Premier Stainless Systems out of California. We are still in the market for a walk in cooler and our inventory of kegs, but we have made some huge strides in getting the brewhouse operational. We expect all of the equipment to be ready by September.
Tuckahoe Brewing Company

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